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Benefits of telematics in cross-border operations

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Benefits of telematics in cross-border operations

It is no surprise that monitoring cross-border operations can be tricky. A fleet manager not only needs to closely monitor his or her fleet and drivers once they leave the South African border, but understand the fuel consumption and maintenance costs as well. However, apart from these costs, cross-border operators also need to consider the risks associated with operating outside of the country’s borders.

In the past, many of these operators have relied on satellite-based tracking systems to ensure accurate vehicle position information. Given the pressures to become more and effective, there is certainly the need for operators to consider the benefits of an efficient telematics solution, which can give them both satellite accuracy, as well as detailed fleet telematics - even in cases when GSM coverage is compromised.

This is because today’s integrated systems leverage both technologies – GSM and satellite – which translates into a much more cost effective solution.

As GSM coverage constantly improves across Africa, the reliance on satellite is diminishing and, along with it, the excessive communication costs. Integrated systems are in addition more cost effective, offering a single user interface where operators are able to rely on one service provider, and have their fleet data in one place. Not only that, but there is also the intrinsic benefit of being able to analyse data in real-time and make immediate changes within the fleet to optimise performance of both the driver and vehicle, where required.

As the technology landscape changes in Africa, the role of mobile in the telematics space represents great growth potential. In fact, in Africa, while business owners may not be able to archive and back-up systems, may not have the resources to engage in expensive IT systems or even have access to electricity, they do have a mobile device. Forward-thinking transportation and logistics managers are more and more seeking new ways to compete in challenging markets, and making use of mobile technologies that support telematics. This enables them to identify opportunities to optimise supply chain efficiencies.

Fleet management via mobile translates into real efficiency, as it allows managers to quickly and easily make decisions that boost the performance of their fleet. Knowing where a vehicle is in relation to a customer site, and assigning jobs accordingly is one way in which this is done. Those operators making use of proven fleet management systems that are available, are successfully boosting their bottom line and building a more sustainable business.

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