Mobile continues to play a defining role within the banking sector: There’s no denying that we are operating in a 24-hour society. And it is in this always-on
Time is a valuable currency in the distraction economy: In a world where distractions are in heavy supply and where marketing is in low demand, companies
Wi-Fi is an Answer for Africa: Across Africa demands are changing, access models are changing and consumers are blurring the lines between corporate
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"Marketing needs to continually re-invent itself if it wants to retain the 'X' Factor" - Part 2
In Part 1 of this article on the ‘re-invention of marketing’ (published in the June 2014 issue), the first five points in a series of paradigm shifts in marketing were unpacked. The changes were considered against a backdrop of how they can serve as a way forward for the industry…
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Content Marketing – What‘s your story?
In this time of constant change and economic downturn, the battle for share of wallet has never been more intense, and thanks to the digital revolution there have been several paradigm shifts in the last decade that have given rise to the empowered customer. Customers are now, more than ever, connected…
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"Marketing needs to continually re-invent itself if it wants to retain the 'X' Factor
The American TV series, ‘Mad Men’ is not only a fascinating sociological study of the world of ‘free love’ and political incorrectness of the 1960s (can you believe how everybody smokes all of the time, and how the women in the programme are seen to fulfil only supportive roles), but…
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Africa the new destination for luxury brands
Interest has grown in Africa’s frontier markets in the past few years and the region is set to become a key battleground for the luxury goods industry.Although average household income in most of Africa is still lower than those in Western nations, the emergence of large African companies rooted largely…
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Building a brand across the continent
Africa the country!   What if all those tourists were right and “Africa” was just one big amorphous place? A borderless “country” with sweeping highways from Lagos to Nairobi and from Cairo to Cape Town; a place where trade flowed freely and its 700 million residents could migrate and seek…
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Africa's marketing imperatives
Africa is a continent of continents; massive in scale and diversity. Expanding across Africa requires not just careful consideration and planning but nerves of steel to deal with the complexities in data gathering, politics, consumer influences, exchange rate fluctuations and ways of doing business. It is doomed to fail unless…
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