Wi-Fi is an Answer for Africa: Across Africa demands are changing, access models are changing and consumers are blurring the lines between corporate
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SALeader.co.za is your stage!

Now you can put your message centre stage to the most passionate and engaged audience on the web. SALeader.co.za is a popular news content site based in South Africa - reaching a truly business audience anytime, anywhere.

SALeader.co.za offers advertisers the opportunity to reach a unique business audience.

In addition to spot placements, SALeader.co.za has innovative solutions for both regional and national campaigns.


Opportunities include:

  • Sponsorship of entire site
  • Section (e.g. Finance) and category (e.g. Tax or Budgeting) sponsorships
  • Creation of company or director profiles
  • Advertising in our email newsletter the Weekly Snapshot one sent each section
  • Events
  • Research & PR

Speak to the right target audience

SALeader.co.za attracts a quality and growing audience. The new-age business people who are plugged into today's digital world. You may see them around as decision drivers, avid travellers, big spenders and conscientious consumers. They have strong individual preferences, yet there is one thing that brings then together - SALeader.co.za.

The impact you need

Reach your multi-dimensional audience with maximum impact. Choose from any of our exciting online advertising opportunities, included in our Finance, Media & Marketing, Human Captial and Technology sections.

Advertising Units

Our environment is less cluttered than our competitors - fewer ads equals greater impact:

Wide Leaderboard Banner
Available on all pages

Half Page Banner
Available on all sections

Full Banner
Available on home page

Medium Rectangle Banner
Available within categories

3:1 Rectangle Banner
Available for module sponsorship and within categories for ad-hoc advertising

Leader Board
Available within the Weekly Snapshot newsletter

Click here for more information about the different banner specifications.


  • Homepage, section and category sponsorship (Available on Finance, Media & Marketing, Human Captial and Technology section homes).
  • Print sponsorship - Printable version (top and bottom of page)
  • Pre roll embedded video and companion banner
    • 15 second pre roll ad (512 x 288)
    • Companion banner (300 x 100 or and 300x250)

Click here to see the range of sponsorship packages currently available.

To find out more please contact the Publisher Geoffrey Dean.

Mobile and iPad

Ads accepted on the SALeader.co.za mobile site and on the iPhone, iPad and android.

To find out more please visit our rate and specs page in the Advertising Guide or contact the publisher Geoffrey Dean.

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