Mobile continues to play a defining role within the banking sector: There’s no denying that we are operating in a 24-hour society. And it is in this always-on
Time is a valuable currency in the distraction economy: In a world where distractions are in heavy supply and where marketing is in low demand, companies
Wi-Fi is an Answer for Africa: Across Africa demands are changing, access models are changing and consumers are blurring the lines between corporate
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What’s changed in ‘new media’ since 2007?
In June 2007 I wrote an article based on separating the wheat from the chaff regarding the ‘new media’ that, at the time, were fighting for their share of the advertising pie and delivery in terms of real reach and impact.   For clarity’s sake, the ‘new media’ referred to…
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Proposed Restrictions on Alcohol Marketing Detrimental To Development of Sport & Music In SA
The abuse of alcohol is a major social issue in South Africa; road accident statistics, the incidence of domestic violence, and most shockingly, the prevalence of foetal alcohol syndrome confirms this. The cost to the nation is unquestioningly vast. It’s not difficult to understand why the Government believes that the…
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The Rise of the Millennial Consumer

The Rise of the Millennial Consumer

The world is in a constant state of change. Now more than ever before. Daily if not hourly, new technology advances, changing the way we interact and communicate.    The push for constant innovation is giving rise to not just a new way of shopping, but a new consumer and…
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Radio in Africa – Dead?
Remember the wonderful story about the African gentlemen who learnt to speak English listening to the BBC’s Foreign Service; every few seconds he punctuated his sentence with static?   Does that tale have relevance today? If you were to travel in Africa, would you still find folk clustered around the…
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Google’s major AdWords switch has big implications for SA marketers
Google has made many sweeping changes to how Google Adwords works since it was launched in 2000. But the introduction of “enhanced campaigns” is one of the largest and most significant changes to the platform we have seen in a number of years.
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Gordon Patterson clarifies the role of media strategists and planners for PDMSA

Gordon Patterson clarifies the role of media strategists and planners for PDMSA

Gordon Patterson, the Group Managing Director of The Starcom MediaVest Group and Chairman of VivaKi South Africa, was recently asked by Print & Digital Media South Africa (PDMSA) to clarify the role of media strategists and planners in the placing of advertisements. Representing the AMF, he presented his views at…
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