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Registrations open for JSE Investment Challenge Public Game

The JSE is offering novice investors the opportunity to try their hand at share trading in this year’s JSE Investment Challenge Public Game. The game, in its second year makes use of a simulated trading platform to allow aspirant traders to test their skills in a virtual and risk-free environment but will award real cash prizes to the best performers.


Each participant in the game is given an imaginary sum of R1 000 000 to create a virtual portfolio of shares listed on the JSE. The performance of their portfolios is tracked and measured in a competition against other participants. This year players can also get a more authentic experienceof trading on the exchange as trades will be made at a 15 minute time delay instead of at end-of-day prices.


The best performing portfolios will be awarded the following prizes, to be deposited into a stockbroker’s account of the participants’ choice:

  • First prize: R30 000
  • Second prize: R20 000
  • Third prize: R10 000

“We hope this game will help to demystify financial markets and provide people interested in trading with the opportunity to learn more within a risk-free environment,” says Dudu Seme, Retail Development Officer at the JSE.  “Participants will be able to experience how various shares on the exchange are priced, traded, settled on a daily basis and how to manage risk. We believe that having first hand trading experience will help South Africans make better informed investment decisions in the real world.”


The JSE launched the public game as an extension of the JSE Investment Challenge for high school learners and university students. This means that the public game is open to anyone who is 18 years or older and not employed as an investment professional. University students who are studying part-time are also encouraged to participate.


To assist novice investors learn even more about financial markets and investing, the JSE is also hosting a series of webinars which can easily be viewed online. Some of the topics that will be covered in the coming weeks include: developing a trading strategy, building a small and midcap-portfolio, fundamental and technical analysis used for trading shares, as well as various sessions on the JSE’s different derivative products and how they can fit into investment portfolios.


To view the full list of webinar topics and to register to watch them live, visit www.jse.co.za/events. The videos can also be accessed on YouTube at .

The game commences on 8 September but registrations will remain open until 30 September; the game runs until 5 December. Participants need to make a trade during September and in every month of the game thereafter to be eligible for prizes. A registration fee of R100 is payable to take part in the game, however investors can make use of the JSE’s virtual trading platform free of charge for a trial period of 30 days.


For more information please visit https://virtualtradinggame.jse.co.za or contact:
Dudu Seme
Phone: (011) 520 7125
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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