Wi-Fi is an Answer for Africa: Across Africa demands are changing, access models are changing and consumers are blurring the lines between corporate
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About Us!

Geoffrey Dean Marketing Corporation cc. (gdmc) is the publisher of SALeader.co.za.
The SALeader.co.za web site, which launched in 2012 is directed at all levels of business throughout South Africa.
Offering its audience leading content of all major industries and featuring profiles on leading organizations and business personalities in South Africa with a focus on:

  • Finance,
  • Marketing & Media,
  • Human Capital, and;
  • Technology.

Currently SALeader.co.za has an audience of over 18,000 and growing rapidly. The management of gdmc is targeting a total combined audience of 35,000 in year one, increasing to 152,000 by the end of year three.

SALeader.co.za has a focus on providing a portal where as a business professional with great insight and experience in your field you can get involved offering the ability to contribute and be recognised for your contributions amongst our audience. Click here for more information about the benefits of becoming a contributor and to submit you articles.

There are many advertising opportunities available to organisations within the above listed focus of SALeader.co.za offering a professional yet affordable means of reaching your target audience. If you have an interest in advertising on the SALeader.co.za web site and would like further information in this regard, please click to view our Advertising Guide!


gdmc has its heart and soul in publishing and media. Since we founded the company in 2007, gdmc has always prided itself on being a highly creative business, with an unrelenting focus on the quality of our products and our people, offering services such as;

  • Advertising opportunities,
  • Content development,
  • Audience development and management,
  • Design and creative,
  • Web development, and;
  • Publishing.

Our philosophy has always been quite simple: only by having the highest quality individuals can you produce the highest quality products, combining the best in content, design, production and customer services.

Globalisation is opening up the world further, and providing many opportunities for us to continue to grow.

We aim to be the perfect company to work with or for – we have the processes and attitude that ensure quality and consistency, and an entrepreneurial spirit that makes every day rewarding.

To find out more about gdmc, visit the corporate website at

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