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Editorial Submissions

TheSALeader and SALeader.co.za welcomes content on a variety of topics. These range from issues affecting the four main focuses, namely; Finance, Media & Marketing, Human Capital and Technology.


Our primary target audience is senior managers and executives as well as academics. The value of the articles resides in the utility and practicality of the ideas discussed in them. While the articles should be analytical and substantive, readers should be able to quickly see the practical applications to their own organization or situation.

Tone, Style and Length:

Our editorial style is similar to the writing in popular management journals. The tone should be conversational rather than formal, sentences should be shorter rather than longer, and the tone should more often than not be active rather than passive. The editor(s) recognize that many authors are not professional writers; articles are consequently edited for style, clarity and occasionally, structure. In most cases, the editor returns a revised draft for the author’s comments.

Articles for the online portal SALeader.co.za are generally 500 words, as readers prefer shorter article due to the nature of the medium. If your article is selected for publishing within the magazine we will discuss this with you and would require generally around 750-1500 words.

In addition to written content if you have any podcasts or video content we would welcome these too for the portal and digital magazine. To discuss this further please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Self promotion within the article:

Readers are looking for information about the topic in your article title, not for content about your company or services. Articles should not be submitted to TheSALeader as an advertorial or with excessive reference to your products or services. TheSALeader will always provide accreditation to the author and their company. Contributors have the ability to provide information about themselves and their company within their contributor profile if you would like further information on how to become a contributor, please click here.

Process for Submission, Review and Publication:

There are two methods of submitting content:

  1. If you have been setup as a contributor you can log into SALeader.co.za. Once logged in you will have the ability to add (content) items, simply go to "My Account" which is located on the top right of the website, you will then be presented with a pop-page, select "Add New Item".
  2. You can also submit content by emailing your submission to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


TheSALeader requires copyright for content submitted.

TheSALeader have the right to reprint copies of the article without written acknowledgment of action to the author. This may include the right to reproduce the work in any vehicle whether paper or electronic.

The authors of the articles published in TheSALeader are solely responsible for their accuracy and content. Opinions expressed in the articles and materials published do not reflect the opinions of TheSALeader unless it is expressly stated that such opinions have been formally adopted.

Other guidelines

We do not accept footnotes. Books or magazine articles should be referenced in the text, in brackets, with the author’s name, title, and publisher; magazine articles should have the specific issue date.

Heads and sub-heads are acceptable, though these may be changed.

Authors should provide a short biography (100 words max), a profile picture and the URL (web address) which will be published by your profile. Authors who have written a relatively recent book should include its title, publisher and publication date.

Articles that are submitted to TheSALeader become the property of gdmc for reprint and distribution.

While we welcome charts, diagrams and tables, they should contain information that illustrates or expands on – but does not replicate – information that is in the text.

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