Mobile continues to play a defining role within the banking sector: There’s no denying that we are operating in a 24-hour society. And it is in this always-on
Time is a valuable currency in the distraction economy: In a world where distractions are in heavy supply and where marketing is in low demand, companies
Wi-Fi is an Answer for Africa: Across Africa demands are changing, access models are changing and consumers are blurring the lines between corporate
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Accounting for your data as a business asset
In a digital world, data is a critical aspect of business. However, from an accounting point of view, while data storage, backup, management and recovery can all easily be accounted for, the value of information itself is intangible and hard to quantify.   Despite its intangible nature, quality data underpins…
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Successfully investing in Africa requires investing in the right technology

Successfully investing in Africa requires investing in the right technology

It has been reported* that economic growth in Sub-Saharan Africa will continue to rise from 4.7% in 2013 to a forecasted 5.2% in 2014. A portion of this performance is enhanced by rising investment, especially in natural resources and infrastructure. Considering the projected growth, it is no wonder Africa is…
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How analytics is changing the way we prevent fraud

How analytics is changing the way we prevent fraud

A recent report from Gartner has stated that organisations that use predictive analytics will increase their profitability by 20% by 2017. There is a great deal of focus placed on the benefit of analytics for improving profitability. Less commented on, but no less relevant, is the role that analytics can…
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Oscar Pistorius trial shows the importance of data management
Oscar Pistorius’ trial has been dubbed the ‘trial of the century’ and is receiving a lot of media attention. A young woman has died, under tragic circumstances and the fate of her killer lies in the evidence, the prosecutions ability to create a picture from that evidence, and the ability…
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MDM will become increasingly pivotal in 2014

MDM will become increasingly pivotal in 2014

Master data management (MDM) is emerging as a key technology for 2014 since it is pivotal to melding current trends: big data, social media and cloud, with the need for governance by combining practices, processes, policies, standards and software tools. However, complicating matters is the emergence of multi-domain MDM. MDM…
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Data virtualisation – it’s about business
Data virtualisation is not about IT – it’s about giving decision-makers immediate access to all the relevant information and only the relevant information. Information has become the strategic business advantage; hence how well businesses use the information at their disposal determines how well they perform in an increasingly competitive environment.…
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