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10 years on, Watt Communications launches its new website

Richard Branson said that “A business has to be involving, it has to be fun, and it has to exercise your creative instincts.” As we celebrate 10 years of providing integrated marketing and communications, I think Richard is right.  We are owner managed and run, small and agile and totally involved, we love what we do and have immense amounts of fun. We pride ourselves on our creative instincts and abilities, traits that not only define Watt Communications, but also are the very reason for our success.


watt comm logoTen-year anniversaries are commemorated in many ways and we chose a tin. For a start, tin is durable, agile and resilient - characteristics needed to prosper and create longevity in any business.  It is also deceptive in that it is not always about appearance. It is what is inside that ultimately counts and as a small, below-the-radar agency, our broad-based skill cannot be underestimated.


Everybody’s tin holds his or her own set of memories. Too often we forget to stop and consider where we are and how we got there, especially in business.


In my tin is a story about people.  Creative, fun, talented, smart, quirky, hardworking and dedicated individuals. Clients who have been with Watt Communications from the start and media whose unwavering support have contributed to our success.  Also in my tin is the fact that 80% of all small businesses don’t make it past the first year and 50% fail within the first five years.  Watt Communications is 10. A significant yet humbling milestone I am immensely proud of achieving.


So what is in your tin?  Take the time to figure it out; we take time for granted, don’t always value the people in our lives, places or moments. 


Our moment is now. 10 years of integrated marketing and communications.  Of being strategic, creative, driven and fun. And here’s to the next 10 years. Public relations remains a key communications component, a perception shaper and awareness driver, the personality behind the brand, the depth required in all communications. 


Oscar Wilde said: “There is only one thing worse in life than being talked about, and that is not being talked about.”


Oscar is also in my tin.


Visit us on www.wattcommunications.co.za and find me , let me know what is in your tin and if we aren’t, let’s talk about fixing that!

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