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Chequed.com partners with Africa’s Rocketfuel Consulting and The HR Touch

Chequed.com, the cloud-based predictive talent selection solutions provider, has partnered with Rocketfuel Consulting in partnership with The HR Touch, two Africa-based people management consulting firms.


The partnership follows on Chequed’s success with several recent global deployments with its employment assessment tools that connect talent selection to business results.


“Rocketfuel and The HR Touch are comprised of a group of management consultants with in-depth knowledge of HR, organisational effectiveness and talent solutions, and we are confident that they will make an ideal partner for Chequed.com within the Africa environment,” says Greg Moran, president and founder of Chequed.com.


Dieter Veldsman, managing consultant at Rocketfuel Consulting, says: “These new product offerings will provide tremendous added-value for our clients and we look forward to bringing simplicity and efficiency to their talent acquisition processes.”


Maggie Mojapelo, director and co-founder of The HR Touch, says: “This strategic partnership contributes to establishing robust talent processes to enable business strategy.”


Rocketfuel Consulting and The HR Touch will represent the entire suite of Chequed products within the Africa region:

  • ChequedFit: A competency based pre-employment assessment that quickly identifies the best candidates for a position and company;
  • ChequedReference: An automated reference-checking product that collects detailed, candid feedback from past employers quickly and easily. Additionally, reference checking is an important component in the recruiting and candidate sourcing process; and
  • ChequedInterview: A structured, behavioural interviewing guide that is integrated into all other components of Chequed’s Predictive Talent Selection Suite, and can be accessed through both ChequedFit, and ChequedReference.


The partnership of The HR Touch and Rocketfuel Consulting has already demonstrated value to various organisations through the design and execution of robust organisational design methods, HR transformation strategies, the implementation of performance management strategies and capability building as part of enabling the future of HR functions within a dynamically changing business landscape.


About Chequed.com

Founded in 2008 by some of the foremost experts in employee selection and development, Chequed is an emerging leader in the rapidly growing market for Predictive Employee Selection technology. With a solid reputation for being an industry leader, its experienced management team, board of directors and advisory committee have helped hundreds of startups and growing companies to effectively and strategically hire new talent.  

For more information about Chequed.comwww.chequed.com.


About Rocketfuel Consulting

Rocketfuel Consulting is an organizational effectiveness consulting firm specializing in OD, Change, Talent, Organizational Design and Performance solutions.  The firm was founded in 2012 and has since partnered with a number of clients; from multi-nationals to start-ups in ensuring that organisations achieve the inherent potential that is encapsulated within their people, processes and technologies.

For more information about Rocketfuel Consulting: .


The HR Touch

The HR Touch is human resource management consulting firm established in 2006 by three directors.  Two of the founding directors have a collective experience of more than 20 years in HR strategies at both local and global level.  The HR Touch focuses on the “how to” with the aim of enabling HR functions to take up a leadership role within the business landscape. The HR Touch is a professional, dynamic and quality-driven solutions company. The people behind The HR Touch are passionate, driven and determined to tap into their widespread expertise to give you – the valued client – just the solution you need to strengthen and grow your business.

For more information about The HR Touch: http://www.thehrtouch.co.za 


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