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Is “the dark continent” set to light the way?

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Is “the dark continent” set to light the way?

Developing African leaders of the future is the best way to ensure the success of the continent, says Professor DINA BURGER, Deputy Pro Vice-Chancellor: Monash South Africa


A report by the African Economic Outlook 2013 describes Africa as a “growth pole in an ailing global economy.” The observation that the African continent has the potential to become the next global economic engine raises some pertinent questions. What are the constraints to making this happen? How do we ensure that we are equipped to take ownership of this reality? What role will the African workforce play in this development? And most importantly, who will lead this fight for dominance?


The key to unlocking Africa’s endless possibilities lies in the creation of effective leaders. The critical skills deficit throughout Africa has to be addressed as a matter of urgency in order to allow the continent to compete with the rest of the world on an equal footing. Aside from the obvious benefits of extensive business acumen, competent leadership provides the necessary inspiration and motivation to drive an entire workforce to perform at new levels of excellence.

Upskilling a new generation of business leaders, through a combination of accredited syllabi and non-formal programmes, is essential if we wish to leverage our natural and mineral resources and balance our unequal trading platform.

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