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Wesley Lynch

Wesley Lynch

Driven by a passion for software and problem solving, Wesley Lynch founded Realmdigital in 1999. Wesley, a technology entrepreneur, has over a decade of experience in the financial, business and software development industries; gained both locally and during his time in the UK. He is deeply involved in producing innovative technology solutions for African and international businesses and regularly shares his knowledge and experience through participation in various industry events.


Website URL: http://www.realmdigital.co.za

Beyond the Kindle

Tuesday, 11 June 2013 16:21 Published in Application Development
Beyond the Kindle

The story of e-books, for the most part, is the story of Amazon’s Kindle.

The Kindle single-handedly overcame the increasingly high cost of print book production and distribution by digitising the value chain.

But for various reasons the Kindle is not the answer in an academic context.

SA e-commerce reaches tipping point of acceptance

Wednesday, 29 May 2013 10:49 Published in Online
SA e-commerce reaches tipping point of acceptance

As South African e-commerce gains momentum, retailers can expand their reach significantly by adding online and mobile channels and picking the right technology and fulfilment partners for the journey.

Mobility broadens channels for travel operators and agencies

Thursday, 11 April 2013 10:35 Published in Mobile
Mobility broadens channels for travel operators and agencies

‘Travel companion’ apps increase opportunity for impulse buys and experience management

As the travel industry builds up to INDABA on May 11 to 14, tourism-dependent Africa should give mobile apps their serious consideration, as apps can help them capitalise on commercial opportunities more swiftly and build more lasting relationships.


Mobile is an exciting new direction being embraced in many sectors, overseas as well as locally, says , CEO of Realmdigital, the leading Cape-based software development company for Web, mobile and social platforms.


Time is now

“But travel has been slow in adopting mobile, considering the pioneering role the industry played in online commerce,” he says. “So far, the travel apps that have made an impact include mobile check-in, trip advisories and various other content-driven services.”


Lynch says the time is ripe to extend mobile services into the retail environment. “There have been some successes that will pave the way for others to follow,” he says.


For instance, Sure Travel, the SA retail travel group with 107 agency outlets, launched their mobile app a couple of months ago which has seen positive results already. A number of booking enquiries have been made via their app, showing that the market is ready for the adoption of mobile.


Further potential

 Lynch explains: “Travel agencies and operators can have significant benefits from utilising mobile that are not necessarily commercial in nature”.  For example, corporate travel buyers can use travel apps to access the company repository of travel-related information, from travel arrangements to booking references and travel insurance.”


Mobile is also a convenient medium for travellers, should the need for information arise, he adds. “We’ve even seen apps like that being used to report on the location of staff, should a travel emergency leave loved ones and colleagues incommunicado. Obviously, privacy issues would have to be dealt with in consultation with the traveller.”


Lynch adds that mobile is a very natural way in which to engage customers and an opportunity to spur impulse purchases.

While travellers are unlikely to research their next holiday on their mobile phone, ‘post-booking’ services such as booking a car rental, renting a mobile phone or buying travel insurance is better suited to mobile devices.”


Get excited

Travel companies need to start getting excited about the new class of so-called ‘travel companion’ apps, Lynch concludes.

“There are major up-sell opportunities within their grasp. And where an app doesn’t lend itself to monetisation, it can nevertheless be essential for maintaining the relationship with the traveller. Sure Travel’s enquiries, for instance, increased as a result of offering a mobile app, which leads to more opportunities.”


It is easy to see the benefits for anyone in the industry, or for the country as a whole.

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