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Friday, 22 November 2013 09:17

3 ways to sabotage your website

3 ways to sabotage your website

I’ve had many clients who are on their third or fourth website overhaul. They’ve spent a ton of money on design and redesign, development and redevelopment. They’ve reinvented their brand voices, hired new online marketers, run PPC campaigns, started tweeting…

And it’s still not working.

All of these things are important aspects of a successful online presence. But they will amount to nothing if you are blowing huge holes below the waterline of your online ship.


Here’s how to do that…


Spend lots of time and money on everything – except your content

Over the last 16 years I’ve been involved in dozens of large website projects. Time and again I’ve seen companies spend hundreds of thousands on design and development, and then baulk at spending the same kind of money on the content.

I’ll leave it to you to imagine how many meetings I’ve attended six months later where they try to work out why the website isn’t working for them. Why it isn’t generating the required return on investment.

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Tuesday, 22 October 2013 10:52

Car Dealers have multiple car sites at their disposal…which one is right for you?

Car Dealers have multiple car sites at their disposal…which one is right for you?

The digital revolution has meant that numerous online publishing companies are building trader platforms that allow dealers to sell cars online – but with so many to choose from, how does one decide which is best for your company?

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5 things web developers need to know about payment gateways

More and more businesses are moving at least some of their sales online – which means more and more web developers are needing to become familiar with the online payments process, says Peter Harvey of PayGate.

“If you’re building an e-commerce site for a client, they will probably look to you as the developer for advice on which shopping cart and which payment gateway to choose,” says Harvey. “This is not an area where many web developers feel particularly comfortable – they are coders and designers, not financial consultants – so it helps to have a checklist of questions that the client should ask.”

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