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HR empowerment of learners through CRS HRIS Training

CRS Technologies, a leading local provider of HR & payroll services and solutions, has rolled out a series of basic training modules for learners at the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University (NMMU) in Port Elizabeth.


Five years ago NMMU introduced the CRS HR & Payroll systems training as part of the curriculum for the academic institution’s second-year Human Resource Management (HRM) students. It is included in the Personnel Management 2 (BPB2220) programme because the course incorporates a unit on Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS).


Students are provided with CRS systems training, including data entry and report generation, across a range of modules.


“This level of training and exposure to technology enables students to get to grips with the purpose and value of an HRIS, the wide range of information that can be generated, its value as a tool for facilitating day-to-day HR processes, an understanding of how it can be used to generate information which can be used for strategic and decision-making purposes,” says Bridget de Villiers, Lecturer, Human Resource Management, NMMU. 


jamesThe institution has also embraced ‘peer teaching’ as a mechanism to enhance the knowledge transfer process. “This training is provided by our two student assistants (B Tech students) and a tutor (3rd year student) who are trained on an annual basis by CRS personnel who also facilitate the first couple of training sessions.  The training is very much learner-centred in that those who grasp the concepts are encouraged to continue at their own pace whilst others who may be less "au fait" with working on computers receive more time and attention from the trainers,” she adds.  At the end of the training, students submit all the work for evaluation and marking, and are also given a final assessment.


Second year HRM students are compelled to complete CRS training in order to attain a final mark and certification. “They also take part in a graduation ceremony to acknowledge their hard work and the completion of training,” says de Villiers.


James McKerrell, CEO of CRS Technologies, says the Company is very proud of its association with the NMMU and that the institution is a powerful example of how technology can be effectively integrated into the academic programme and that this will have a lasting impact on efforts to upskill learners, equipping them with relevant training to enable them to tackle the market effectively.

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