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Security firm uses SerVision solution from Graphic Image Technologies to provide live monitoring for customers

One of the leading security company’s in Southern Africa, with more than 50 years of experience, recently implemented SerVision’s Video Gateway solution for mobile applications such as buses, trains, police vans, delivery trucks and the like to enhance its security services. As part of a technology drive, the security company recently acquired 337 SerVision mobile Digital Video Recorders (DVRs) from Graphic Image Technologies, enabling them to include live proactive monitoring in vehicles which are used specifically for delivery of  high value cargo. 


The SerVision MVG400 mobile DVRs provide mobile video gateways, ideal for moving platforms such as cash-in-transit vehicles, delivery vehicles, the transportation of people and high value goods. A high refresh rate ensures a  close to real-time image is captured and streamed. These specifications are essential if footage is to be  used for monitoring of the live operations of the vehicles.    


Using cellular and wireless technologies to stream high-quality live or recorded video to remote client devices, such as control rooms, these devices enable live monitoring and additional security options in dangerous environments, such as police and cargo transport.

Full GPS support allows remote users to locate and track vehicles, while the device’s anti-shock, vibration-resistant chassis ensures reliability on the road. Built-in WiFi enables the wireless backup of locally stored video to a storage server, and with the addition of USB GSM modems video can be constantly streamed for 24/7 monitoring. Each unit can be connected to up to four cameras, and can also be connected to sensors on the doors of vehicles or panic buttons so that the control room can monitor vehicles based on activity and location.


“Crime syndicates are increasingly targeting transport and logistics trucks, particularly those transporting expensive or luxury goods. With the SerVision solution, security companies can offer its clients added security and peace of mind, with 24/7 live monitoring through their state of the art control room. This enables swift action should vehicles be burgled on route, as the exact location and nature of the crime can be immediately identified,” says Mark Chertkow, MD at Graphic Image Technologies.


Apart from a rugged design particularly suited to the transport sector, the SerVision offering also incorporates unique compression capabilities which enable these DVRs to stream live video using any mobile data availability, from 3G right down to GPRS. This makes it the ideal solution for the South and Southern African market, where 3G coverage is mostly restricted to metropolitan hubs. This also reduces the amount of data bandwidth needed to stream video, which dramatically reduces costs.


“The SerVision solution solves this challenge of failed recordings and streaming in low 3G coverage areas as it is able to stream live on as little as 8kbit/s of bandwidth, allowing it to run off EDGE and even GPRS. Many other solutions require at least 32kbit/s to run. SerVision can therefore also effectively bring data costs down to a quarter of the typical price for mobile monitoring,” Chertkow adds.


The SerVision solution from GIT enables security companies who offer surveillance, cash-in-transit or ATM management services to provide their customers additional cutting edge security technologies to help them reduce theft and increase operational efficiencies.

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