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25 years of Photoshop: a celebratory moment for the software that changed the view of the world

On February 19, 1990, Adobe released version 1.0 of the popular image editing software, Photoshop.


February 16, 2015. Often, the beginnings of something great are inconspicuous. Version 1.0 of Photoshop, released by Adobe on February 19, 1990, fit on a single 800 KB diskette. Almost exactly 25 years later storage capacity is of little concern, as Photoshop users work increasingly on the Cloud. That’s not the only difference: if the original version of Photoshop was known only to professional users, today it is the most used image editing program in the world. Together with its social networking friends and many prominent guests, Adobe celebrates the anniversary of the software that changed the view of the world in Germany, among other places.


The figures speak for themselves: Photoshop is the preferred solution of 90% of all professional designers in imaging and pre-press industries. Spin-offs released over the years specifically for consumers have also been popular. The free mobile application, Adobe Photoshop Express has been downloaded over ten million times so far from Google Play alone. Photoshop and the related software have been enriching everyday life at work and at play for years. You may change workplaces, replace your computer or your smartphone, but the Photoshop software family remains a firmly established institution in the lives of many. It is therefore all the more pleasure for Adobe to celebrate this anniversary with everyone who loves Photoshop so much.


An enormous birthday party on the social web

One of the most digitally-engaged enterprises in the world, Adobe isn’t celebrating the 25th birthday of Photoshop just anywhere: we’re celebrating on the social web. Adobe invites you to a YouTube birthday show on February 19. Guests include many famous photographers and digital artists. Fans can experience the event live at , from 6 pm.


Following this eventful day, Adobe will remain in the festive mood throughout the rest of the year. On the occasion of this anniversary, Adobe is looking for the 25 most creative digital artists under 25 years of age. The worldwide competition in the artistic community, Behance, today offers a stage to the creative visionaries of tomorrow. In order to show what the next generation of Photoshop geniuses are capable of, winners will be able to present the fruits of their labors for a time on Adobe’s Instagram channel (coming soon!). The following blog post explains the terms of participation http://adobe.ly/1tEipnW.


The Photoshop Story

When Adobe released the first final version of Photoshop in February 1990, no-one anticipated how much the world of image editing would change. The software struck the nerve across an entire profession. Print products were increasingly being designed on the computer in the early 1990s. Because many users found it easier to use the Photoshop interface, Adobe's solution was embraced relatively quickly in desktop publishing, and the option to extend design possibilities with plugins became a popular feature of Photoshop.


In the following years, Adobe added additional features that drastically simplified photo retouching. Layer functions, change history or tools such as Healing Brush have meanwhile become standard in digital image editing. It's impossible to imagine publishing houses, print shops, graphics agencies, advertising agencies and many other occupational fields today without Photoshop.


Following the success of digital cameras and computers at work and leisure, Adobe has for the new millennium expanded Photoshop into a software family with tools designed for new target groups. Since 2001, Adobe Photoshop Elements has offered consumers a convenient entry into the world of image editing. Since 2007, Photoshop Lightroom has been a leading universal solution for photographers with professional demands who want to edit, manage and publish camera raw data. In the same year, Adobe enhanced the main Photoshop program with functions that facilitate the work of doctors, scientists, engineers, and architects.


In the past five years, Adobe has concentrated on accompanying their clients along the world's networked and mobile pathways. Since 2012, Photoshop has been part of Creative Cloud, giving subscription-basis access to high-performance desktop and mobile apps, and extensive web services. Regardless of time and place, users can bring their ideas to fruition and synchronize them with any devices linked via the Creative Cloud. Adobe thus allows photographers, designers and all other Photoshop users to tap their full creative potential in a contemporary manner.


The creative world is in constant flux, and Photoshop too is continually evolving. There is no end in sight. The next milestone for users of Adobe Photoshop is already within reach with the recent announcement of integration of the popular stock photo service, Fotolia, into the Creative Cloud.


Photoshop today and tomorrow: ready for the next 25 years

Nowadays, Photoshop and the creations designed with it are essential components of the lives of most people— even if they don’t use the software themselves. Images and graphics edited with Photoshop are ubiquitous, appearing in family photo albums, online image galleries, billboards, computer desktop backgrounds, coffee packaging, newspaper headlines and a million other places.


Over the past 25 years, Photoshop has time and time again offered new ways for creative professionals to touch their audience intensively with visual media. In so doing, Adobe has not relied solely on its developers, but also on close collaboration with a very involved user community. Adobe traditionally places great importance on intensive dialogue with customers, incorporating their experiences and wishes into the work. Adobe now looks back with the community, while asserting a clear message: "We want to remain your reliable and inspiring creative partner for the next 25 years as well!

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