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10 Things to Include in your Technical or Professional Advertising Brief Featured

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10 Things to Include in your Technical or Professional Advertising Brief

Advertising briefs from professional and technical companies do not always include all the information an agency needs. Technical companies, in particular, tend to focus solely on specifications. These ten items will help you get the best from your ad agency.

  1. Background

    Is your product or service new or established? How does one use it? What is special or unique about it? Have you advertised in the past and if so, where, how, and what was the response? Is there any market research available on the category? If you are marketing a product, try to have samples on hand for your agency team to see and touch. They may never have encountered this category before and the more they know about it, the better.

  2. Competitive environment

    Who are your main competitors? Do they advertise and what is their brand positioning? How do they compare with your brand? Be upfront if they are superior in any way. Let your agency know where to fight the battle.

  3. Target market

    Describe your target market demographically (professional status, location, age group), then tell us a bit about them - what matters to them and what are their emotional triggers. (Risk, cost, fear of failure, status, innovation, building their professional reputation.) How do you think they respond to your category?

  4. Objectives

    You might want to create awareness, build the brand values, or generate trial. You might want to promote a new service or get existing customers to look at an established service or product in a new light. Your objectives will help to shape the development of your advertising campaign.

  5. Single-minded message

    What is the most important promise you can make about your product or service?

  6. Reason to believe

    Why should your consumer believe your promise? What specific evidence do you have to back you up?

  7. Media choices

    You agency will be able to recommend suitable media, but let them know if there are any publications or specific media types you want to include. That way, you will either get what you want, or a logical recommendation as to why an alternative might be a better option.

  8. Executional imperatives

    You may have to operate within certain restrictions – legal requirements, corporate branding manuals or guidelines from licensors. Clarify the small print so it can be built into the concept.

  9. Timing

    Be clear on your deadlines so that your agency can build these into their work schedules and timing plans. Developing an ad campaign might take longer than you anticipate.

  10. Budget

    The budget structures the creative and guides the creative team as to what you can afford. Without a budget you could end up with a campaign you love, but can’t afford and they might have to go back to the drawing board. Which is a waste of time and money!

If you don’t have all the information you need, ask your ad agency for help. Or contact Octarine for more information.

Ann Druce

Ann Druce

Ann Druce heads up Octarine, a marketing communications and advertising agency, where she focuses on copywriting and marketing strategies for clients in the professional and industrial sectors. Prior to that, Ann spent 15 years in marketing management for major companies including Unilever and Adcock Ingram before joining an ad agency.

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